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April 01, 2018


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Multi-Unit STaC

All Clubs in UNIT 243 and are invited to participate in the upcoming SECTIONAL TOURNAMENT to be held at the CLUB Level.  Hand records will be provided so that all players playing at a session will be playing the same hands as all other players throughout both UNITs. All awards are  SILVER POINTS . Overall awards are based on Total Results of all games held at a specific session. The overall awards will be large as all the sections (5 table minimum) will be combined with Units 102, 219 & 240 for overall ranking.

March 19 - 25, 2018
Click Here for results

Monday, March 20 Tuesday, March 21
    9:00am - Pompano Beach D.B.C.
  7:00pm - Pompano Beach D.B.C.   7:00pm - Another Bridge Club
Wednesday, March 22 Thursday, March 23
    9:00am - Pompano Beach D.B.C.
  7:00pm - Pompano Beach D.B.C.   7:00pm - Another Bridge Club

Friday, March 24

Saturday, March 25

     9:00am - Pompano Beach D.B.C.
  7:00pm - Pompano Beach D.B.C.

Sunday, March 26

    1:00pm - Pompano Beach D.B.C.

Open & 0-500/NLM

All events are single session Stratified Open Pairs unless noted.

A = 2000+, B = 750-2000, C = 0-750

Schedule subject to change.  Check back often for more updates!

Click here for Club Information.

Upcoming Events

Charity Club Championships

Southeastern's Regional
Ft Lauderdale Mariott, Coral Springs
April 2-8

Ft Lauderdale Spring Sectional
Ft Lauderdale Bridge Club
April 13-15

ACBL-wide Charity game
Wednesday morning, April 25

Local Club Happenings


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