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April 01, 2018


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Guest Lectures in Broward County

Marty Bergen

An American bridge player and writer. A 10-time national champion, (ACBL) Grand Life Master, and World Bridge Federation (WBF) World International Master, he retired from active competition in 1993 to pursue his dream of becoming a bridge author.

Bergen is well-known for his innovative development of bidding conventions and treatments, including DONT and Bergen Raises. Together with his long-time bridge partner Larry Cohen, he popularized the Law of Total Tricks, Support Double, and 1NT Semi-forcing.


Larry Cohen

2011 Honorary Member of the Year
2002 ACBL Player of the Year

World-wide lecturer for all levels
26-time national champion
Author of best-selling books:
          (To Bid or Not to Bid: The Law of Total Tricks)

Enjoy Larry's informative, interesting and humorous teaching style
- Red Light Green Light
- Use the Vulnerability  
- Preempting Guidelines  
- Q's & A's


Michael Lawrence

WBF and ACBL Grand Life Master with over 23,000 MP
Youngest player to ever have won the Bermuda Bowl twice

Author of book of the year:
          (How to Read Your Opponents Cards and The Complete Book on Overcalls)


Janice Seamon-Molson

Multiple World Champion
Multiple National Champion
Local Teacher/Player
2003 Venice Cup Winner
2006 McConnel Cup Winner

She is a hoot and has more gold and platinum than must Olympic winners. 
- Q's & A's

Upcoming Events

Charity Club Championships

Southeastern's Regional
Ft Lauderdale Mariott, Coral Springs
April 2-8

Ft Lauderdale Spring Sectional
Ft Lauderdale Bridge Club
April 13-15

ACBL-wide Charity game
Wednesday morning, April 25

Local Club Happenings


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